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David Swales
Born in 1974 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Currently working on projects in Texas and Egypt until end-2013.

David has also lived and worked in England, Germany (incl. West Berlin prior to german reunification), Cyprus, California, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and New York.

David Swales


"A Fleeting Rehabilitation", Louisiana, Texas & Mexico, 2013.

Wabi-sabi inspired, signed, limited edition photography from recent projects through the Islamic World was posted in abandoned buildings from the New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward through the Texas Gulf Coast, to drug cartel-affected Reynosa, Mexico.

"David Swales- Selected Works", Whitebox Gallery, Manila, 2009

Featured Artist- The West Coast Art and Frame Show, Las Vegas, 2009

Insitu Installation, HSBC Private Bank, Manila, 2008-2009

The Living Gallery, Cole & Garret (as featured in NY Times), New York, 2008-2009

Recent Works from the Philippines, Renaissance Hotel, Manila, 2008

Featured Artist- The West Coast Art and Frame Show, Las Vegas, 2008

"David Swales- Recent Works", Kanvas Gallery, Chelsea, New York, 2006

"Wabi-sabi Explored- Reflections of Recent Travels", AFP Galleries, Madison Avenue, New York, 2006

Insitu Installation, The Arcadia, New York (in association with Sunshine Group), 2005-2006

"Recent Works from London and New York", Mona Gallery, New York, 2005


"Art for Change", Maxine Green Gallery, New York, 2013

"10 by 12", Galleria Fernando Artes, Manila, 2009

"The Essences", Habi Gallery, Manila, 2008