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3D Art

In late 2012 David Swales was approached by Lynx Laboratories, a tech start-up based in Austin TX and San Jose CA, to collaborate on a 3D art project across the U.S. and Canada to showcase the capabilities of their revolutionary new 3D camera/scanner. Phase 1 of the project was completed in February and March 2013. This invoved a seven week itinerary (collecting found and discarded objects and paper) from Texas to Washington DC, Baltimore, New York City, Rochester, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and finally back to Texas.

Phase 2 - the production of the art works- is ongoing throughout 2013.

Lynx Laboratories' disruptive technology is considered one of the most exciting inventions to recently come from university-funded research in the U.S. They are a technological leader in structural capture and next-generation photography. The company has received several prestigious awards including the 1st Place Idea2Product (I2P) Texas, 1st Place I2P Global, Top 10 Dell Innovators and National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Funding

Such is the excitement around the capabilities of their invention, their CEO was recently invited to a private discussion with Bill Gates and personally pitched their technology to United States President, Barack Obama.
CEO Christopher Slaughter made the following statement about Lynx's collaboration with David Swales:

"We at technology start-up Lynx Laboratories are delighted to collaborate with the talented artist David Swales to create a piece of unique artwork. We think David's unique brand of artwork emphasizing the mediums of appearance and shape well suits our goal to capture these mediums with digital imaging. The art work David is crafting will incorporate found objects from his seven week journey across the United States and Canada, planned especially for this project.

As a sustainable business we chose to work with David early on not only because of the quality and creativity of his work but also because we see ourselves aligned on an ethical and creative basis with several of David's art projects. (E.g. His recent pop-up art show schedule targeting economically challenged neighborhoods and socially marginalized people in parts of North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans).

Once completed the art work will be available for viewing in our headquarters and on a highly selective basis we will make copies available for 3D printing (by scanning the piece with our 3D camera scanner). The scanned art work will also provide building blocks for further experimentation with meshing and replication projects resulting in innovative 3D printed sculptures."

Christopher Slaughter CEO, Lynx Laboratories
David Swales 3D Artwork
David Swales 3D artist